Salvia Effects

Welcome to my website!

I have created this website to help people understand what Salvia Divinorum is and what it does to the human mind and spirit.

The effects of Salvia Divinorum are totally different every trip I take, therefore I cannot explain the effect Salvia has in general but I will instead describe some of my experiences.

My first experience with Salvia Divinorum was after a long day of work. I decided to smoke some of the Salvia I had purchased some monts before. I rolled a spliff with about a quarter of a gram of Salvia and the rest tabacco and smoked this like I would smoke a sigaret. The effects were mild. I got a tingling feeling all over my body, this was a very pleasant feeling but came nowhere near the effects I had seen on youtube.

I asked the company where I bought the Salvia (Avalon magic plants) what's wrong?

They told me to take much deeper breaths and hold my breath until I could no longer hold it.

About a week later I was at home with a friend and decided to give it a second go.
This time I held my breath until the spliff was passed back to me and took a second deep breath..

I nearly fell of my chair and heard my friend (in the chair next to me) say such weird things I at first thought he was mocking me. He fell from his chair. The next few minutes we could hardly move or talk.
My body felt very small and I could do nothing but travell my mind for some time.

The effects wore off rapidly now and I could hear my friend telling me what he had experienced; his parents were walking up his armpits hand in hand (they are divorced for 19 years now) and below the waste he was convinced he was a menthol sigarette.

After some minutes we were back to normal. We were amazed.

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